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CVAC Approved Citations


Agent Orange BVA - Guam Okinawa Thailand Granted


Citation 0327969 BVA - Diabetes Ubon Thailand Granted


Citation 0414623 BVA - Lung Cancer In Transit Vietnam to Thailand Granted


Citation 0432676 BVA - Diabetes In Transit Vietnam to PI Granted


Citation 0500416 BVA - Diabetes Clark Philippines TDY to Vietnam Granted


Citation 0508095 Knee to Back Case


Citation 0515988 BVA - Diabetes In Transit Vietnam to Thailand Granted


Citation 0527748 BVA - AO in Guam Granted


Citation 0602373 Diabetes Vietnam


Citation 0619999 Enroute Sworn Statement


Citation 0620482 Based on Award of VSM


Citation 0714102 Diabetes Ubon Thailand


Citation 9906724 BVA - AO in Korea Granted




Sleep Apnea Related Links


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CPAP reduces nightmares in PTSD, Tamanna, S. 27th meeting, Assoc. Prof. Sleep Soc., Balt. MD, 06-2013, 1 pg


Expert_Panel_on_Sleep_Disturbance_and_Combat_Trauma_Final_Report_September_2011, 48 pgs


Impact of untreated OSA on Glucose Cont. in type II DM, Am. Jour. Resp. and C.C. Med., 03-2010, 12 pgs




VA Sleep apnea info, 2013, 6 pgs



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